Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Holiday Yarns to Spin!

Along with the yarn I happily received for the Holidays, my mom gave my sister and I gift certificates to Stix and Stitches. With gift cards in hand, we went shopping :)

Here are pictures of us browsing, reading, and our final haul! That's a lot of yarn!!!


Some pictures of my yarn:

I've wanted this Sheep Shop Yarn ever since I laid eyes on it so I splurged.

On my Art Blog I'll be posting more "artsy" pictures of yarn in my next post if you'd like to check it out. I know I keep mentioning it but it is my passion. How could I not.


Lupie said...

I didn't know we got so much!!!

Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

you make everything look so pretty

DrChopSuey said...

Ohh! Awesome gift... and with a trip to the store! You are so lucky! :)

Calling on Kahlo said...

The pictures look great! Were you using the new lenses?

CT said...

The photos are just mouthwatering!!! I want some of that! LOL!

cornchowder said...

oh my gosh i love stix and stitches... I'm planning a visit this week!! I did my superbowl shopping at Knit a Bit in westfield~ I love shopping for stash~ even your non-artsy photos are lovely!!

cornchowder said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog.

Domie's Mom said...

I have nominated you for the kreativ blogger award! I love your blog:)